Early experience - is it worth following up as a HGA link?

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Early experience - is it worth following up as a HGA link?

Postby Anchorite » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:03 pm

I know. It's another post, I figure after the complete cock-up I made, asking questions is better than fumbling around thinking you know what's going on !
I'm beginning to try to at least establish initial communication with my angel and this led on to recalling the initial events in this incarnation.
So lifelong question with practical purpose :

My very first memories were being paralysed on my bed, going through tunnels of light, geometry and every so often stopping to say hello to 'beings/creatures' in different 'places'.
I wasn't alone. There were a group of maybe five , how do I put this, little 'me's guiding me. (basically I had a photo of me on the wall of my bedroom - and the beings took that photo shape exactly. The main individual told me it was so it wasn't to scare me). These journeys went on for at least 2 years after I started retaining impressions.
During an OOB experience when I was 6 - the same beings but with altered shape saved me by evicting little black demonic gremlins which were bundling me 'somewhere else'.

I really don't know if it was one entity taking multiple forms.It often felt like it because only one ever spoke. But they/it certainly had immense love and protective/guardian feelings for me.

I've heard from some sources angels help out during difficult times such as childhood or the formation of the mind but I'm wondering if they are worth contacting in regards to the HGA. If there had been just *one* of these guardians then I would certainly try to re-establish communication. Would there be any value in re-opening that early channel?
Or would it take me down the road of DMT elves in a huge Bigfoot shaped sidetrack?
Opinions welcome.
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