New Aeon Tarot: Adjustment and the Lovers

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New Aeon Tarot: Adjustment and the Lovers

Postby LD330 » Sun May 13, 2018 11:33 am

I've been thinking about the Thoth Tarot deck lately and two of the most interesting card designs to me are Adjustment and the Lovers.

Adjustment was changed from Justice in the (Old Aeon) Rider-Waite tarot pack. The idea is that there is no justice in the universe: the best we can do (and what we must do) is adjust to the conditions of the universe.

The best example I can think of here is the idea of the Ego, the idea that we are consciously in control of ourselves as individuals. This is not really the case: we are all essentially brainwashed. To put it another way, we are conditioned. We don't consciously choose to get up and brush our teeth every day, we do so out of unconscious habit. These habits are mostly based on our culture.

Beyond that we are animals with specific biological instructions. We didn't ourselves (as The Animal) choose to have teeth, for example, or to require food to live. Those are simply the Conditions that we find ourselves in.

Justice also implies revenge, which implies an inferiority to the person we are vengeful towards.

And so we move from Justice to Adjustment.

The Lovers card I am not as familiar with, but I have noticed something that might be of interest.

From Liber Artemis Iota: "The student should assimilate the doctrine of the “Black Brothers.” To refuse to fulfill any of one’s possibilities is the direct negation of the Great Work."

On the card we have a white brother and a black brother. Possibly this means that in the New Aeon, with Adjustment implied, we are all Black Brothers, or the Black Brother is an equivalent or a counterpart to the White Brother.

It might be kinda cool to be a Black Brother.
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Re: New Aeon Tarot: Adjustment and the Lovers

Postby Angel of Death » Sun May 13, 2018 3:59 pm

Have you seen these threads?



I was never one to really care about being cool, Im more of a hot blooded girl myself.

These are very beautiful cards and the paths can be just as beautiful, depending of course, on your attitude and intention.
Love is the Law.
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