Interpreting the name of my HGA: Abel

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Interpreting the name of my HGA: Abel

Postby Frater Tenc » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:46 pm

Hi all, long time no post. 93.

I haven't been around much as I've stopped formally practising magick a couple years ago.
I'm curious about something though. I am fairly certain I received my HGA's name years ago. Now mind you, I was on a ketamine-like drug. But I used that substance often to induce states which actually expanded my awareness.

The name came to me, and after that, for a long while, Abel would speak to me through my thoughts. So would trees, sometimes, too... this in psychiatry being called 'thought insertion'.
But when it was indeed Abel, I could tell. I just remember the last thing he said to me was not to take this new prescription I had gotten now about 3-4 years ago for lithium carbonate. He said it would make us lose touch forever, even if I came off it. Well, that's what happened.

So that's just a sketch of the situation and I'd love to go into more about who I am, how I am, my hangups.. I'm 27 years old now, I can tell you all that at least. Male, as well. So I've been wondering what could be the significance of the name Abel as my HGA? I know the basic story of Cain and Abel. I am aware some have interpreted it as the body (Cain) overcoming the spirit (Abel) and that Abel was in Biblical history the first human to be murdered. If one's HGA often relates to one's ego and True Will, I'd love some interpretations, even if they aren't cited and speculative in nature. Hope you're all well, and thanks for your time.

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Re: Interpreting the name of my HGA: Abel

Postby Jim Eshelman » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:52 pm

Frater Tenc wrote:So I've been wondering what could be the significance of the name Abel as my HGA?

First of all, I doubt that you're cut off forever, though of course that's possible. I mention this not to question the legitimacy of the communication (I really have no opinion on that), but to give you encouragement. Since you got this communication while on drugs, maybe you don't want to rule anything out for the future, eh?

But, my unsolicited opinion aside, let's go back to the solicited opinion...

"Abel," in Hebrew, is spelled Hé Beyth Lamed. It enumerates to 37. This is most importantly the value of the Hebrew word y'chiydah (YChYDH), which literally means "the only one," and technically is the name of the consciousness attributed to Kether, equivalent to the Hindu Atma.

So, in Qabbalistic language, the message of being given this particular name likely is the same as saying, "I am the I Am, or that you should be regarding the voice as being y'chiydah.

37 is also the number of letters in "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." This, which seemingly identified itself with y'chiydah, is also expressing itself as embodying this phrase.

There are many more meanings of 37, which I encourage you to study in depth as a practice in unfolding the meaning of this communication for yourself. For example, according to Paul Case (I haven't checked this myself), each of the important titles and epithets given to Jesus in the New Testament has a value that is a multiple of 37.

Abel (HBL) literally means vapor, breath, vanity, that which is tenuous and fleeting, emptiness, vanity, nothingness, etc.

Several other inspiring Hebrew words add to 37. I leave these for you to uncover on your own; but I particularly mention LBH (an anagram of Abel, which means "your heart." Since 3 x 37 is 111, all multiples of 111 are multiples of 37 (for example, 666 ix 37 x 18).

It is Hebrew LHB (another anagram of Abel), meaning "flame," nd the Greek alea, "heat."
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