The sense of making tests...

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The sense of making tests...

Postby Asisa » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:55 pm

None is perfect ((e) none := {}) so(logic!) As-i-sA make faults!"

Okay, I try to solve this with Keira....

(could be new law: ) e winona...

Strange, when I started the (who is the coolest Actors :?: ) I started it
1. Al Pacino
2. Robert de Niro
3. Johnny Depp ne, not ger!
4. Russel Crowe <=> Crowley -i think- etc =>{} So,

@Real Keira NAND Here: We give Asisa the Laggis Trailer

Quid pro quo so! & Aleister ( 8) ) ", so... eeeeeeeeeeeee <=> Kristen Stew-Art is
P = {Propositional calculus} = "One more Time with feelings (e) Kristen Stewart's Li,";

(lost red Adriane = Ellen Page :? )

COME ON ASISA... Ellen Page <=> Book of Life :shock:
Asisa-> Asisa-sig: Put in e.

So.... Need Help Keira and she DiD: So... I Asisa.

But ....

(@Aleister: So your bane was to make the spaces between my words smaller, or what???
:? true :shock:

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