"Give yourself a break" (exercise in meditation)

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"Give yourself a break" (exercise in meditation)

Postby Quaestor Lucis » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:36 pm


Mr. Eshelman, I have a couple of questions on the meditation method described in this article:
- First one: Do I have to say the mantra in three beats with one beat for pause? It is easier for me to say it in four bits, like "He – Ru – Par - Kraat", or “He – Ru – Ra - Ha”, or “Ra – Hoor - Khu - It”.
- Second one: Do I understand correctly, the utterance of the mantra is accompanied by fourfold breathing? Or the breath pattern isn’t important here?

I also want to ask you for some guidance on the fourfold breath technique itself! How to do it correctly? Are there any secrets? What does success in this practice look like? In books there are several different patterns of fourfold breath (for example, 4-4-4-4 - in Golden Dawn; 4-4//without hold – in Regardie’s “One Year Manual”; 4-2-4-2 – in W.E. Buttler’s and Gareth Knight’s books), but I ask for your experience and advice!

Thank you!
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