The pearl in Liber Ararita (Liber 813)

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The pearl in Liber Ararita (Liber 813)

Postby Asisa » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:56 am

First of all, you have to translate the letters above each chapter and put them together. Their value is the position in the hebrew alphabet.
So it is: AKAKJVA

So the cry of the eaglet in the first chapter is vkj (see the heart of the master, liber )

With that, you find the secret word "unto" and with knowing the rest, you find the secret word cqthc. This is the cry of the Sparrow...

So you do "unto" over this Liber and do cqthc over the barren words and get:
lord wisdom his and little the this at that

and "little - this" is the solution:
Yea, even I, the Man, beheld this wonder!

This way of the soulution is written in Liber 7 (=Liber 5+2)
There the solution of the seven Chapters is -
(the riddle in this sentence:
These seven letters together make seven diverse words; each word is divine, and seven sentences are hidden therein. ) -
so it is:
Rose: now find out the truth: FQC

With "the a because forecasted" (from Liber Legis) on the barren words of the seven chapters, you get:

(1. the some as white thou accomplished the centaur art this quench my and up the it little to so afraid the in nature hideth ever given is death love diffracted beautiful woman but the radiatest thou what a of feet marble mouth of mother before now done the yea)

1. afraid death but the thou marble mother before

(2. which on and turned trampled thy and that to beautiful above me skilled wrack of o ice clouds thou hither why runs thee but froth alone kisses blue like habit o the of boys upon embrace o withholdest again it world)

2. hither blue of boys embrace world

(3. ammon thebai in bacchus fawn and ammon went abyssinia in glory of and green glory beatitude is the in the not a lover i ra moons will dance secret have unto all life let very mad of thing upon only it it the distil my art let this and mystic north stand obscure clamour osprey i in eunuch one bread and on broken mighty aloud know the the us her of i me pale itself ringed with that unspeakable of ill god i my upon my mine like all thou icy coldness is i my thou maidens i come be thou thy anguish a a gather the goat god drowse accomplished )

3. the dance life let mad it distil my know upon thou thou accomplished

(4. my hair dream archangel hidden abyss awaiting like devourer there under shall the let shall the of thee then an healed cry nights heavens didst stars a spinning worlds the any of in but great vvvvv even acht eight favours the love horror caught though see they atman him a nipples lustrous hook and bulls axis thou the)

4. an spinning in but vvvvv the caught though

(5. pool goodly and my fish out over the is thy neapolitan his the stone of now as joy how crater good scarlet was forests of weird us yea space parted o little in of heart love the the nothing of thou fal unto never dust savour infinite hyperbolic that the of silence and laughing is its wrong secretest quickly set by nor ritual bare his write )

5. crater yea in of love thou never dust write

(6. made and came and beneath upon a let there is thou seven flames emperor imperial cloak prophet shall from smote beheld sea god the by that and gods is there what wines that of invisible grey my tale)

6. smote gods that of grey

(7. incense beautiful the in osiris the the changeless the blind the of why answer tutulu the has whole god seven make is my come and more art hast i a dusk visibly the when maiden in another god thee horns goddess stirred sorrow of end words of swift lonely my am star and mine mitre the and daughter there a black shall that profound reason us silent the the is bear fear they not not music abyss and my with in the darling away the veil of darling my spilt love them vigour mighty shall i nay i therefore end)

7. seven hast the when in goddess of end us the spilt i

(these art the secret words of Aleister)

Before you understand that, you have to solve among others "the mouth of the mother" in Liber legis:
(see also my other threads)

4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89
the numbers can be found in the poem III/37. I adore thee in the song-
the letters in the poem III/38. So that thy light is in me; etc..

It is:

Lord Mentu unveils (space, no word, space is word)
the light made
words Ra!
the A consume secret into of
of and (showed was the space)

X = 24
Aleister = 1+12+5+9+19+20+5+18 =89

So you put secret = 19+5+3+18+5+20 in the verses of space and get the solution:

beast called woman of hearts name infinite also nothing thereby the bathing be speak thee continuous aright not

Now, you understand this:
I/51. There are four gates to one palace;
because there are four verses with "space" in this Liber.

With the second System you can find R P S T O V A L
two letters are one word:
R P is "the"
S T is "a"
O V is "because"
A L is "forecasted"

And with Liber LXV and the riddle in IV/64
64. O my darling, I also wait for the brilliance of the hour ineffable, when the universe shall be like a girdle for the midst of the ray of our love, extending beyond the permitted end of the endless One.

You know that Liber seven is solved with:
end us the spilt i (these are the last words of the solution of the seventh Chapter)

So you do
i-us in Liber 7. and get:
come they strong know follow the five eternity word lovers the in the let iacchus us us ourselves how lowlands was his are is the stones thou a in honeycomb see the worship horse we about their let together unique rapture many of let

And there, Aleister said, the solutions in Liber 65 is
iacchus let
we let
the let

with them and adni on them you get:

A. iacchus let (LXV)
prate of matter mend o our them amrit adonai again and let fury me thee that may down glory end the no more cover writing behold stream sun grass bring slaves cheeks who cow god of the bone have hoor time as blood of o let o the lord treasure house let to the of saying little amorous gazelle my of her abaseth who follow us of pleasure pain temples and the the not the isis priest the stars the the of the

A. adni
prate o glory sun grass who o saying little of the
(this mean, the s"o"n should prate dumb things and send the people, who think that our Devil, the O, is not mighty into the Liber 7, which I have done now!)

B. we let (LXV)
walk be men ourselves vvvvv is by storm gold people one over of roads a of let the boy who heaven the little have night of serpent the break sapphire and lord is the that of beautiful fill name inspireth thy bestrew we thereupon the of isis nuit the then aside of was distant

B. adni
walk vvvvv boy the break is isis
(This is the solution of Liber X)

C. the let (LXV)
that be speak us of we for and lord tincture let of glory of thy hast city awake am let hour in let cool of nile holy of pierce the his and wilderness himself is body in coral the adonai treasure me of the like little one my initiate of my beasts us immortal our be offering of is beautiful a veil slain the pain the the in

C. adni
that of am of pierce wilderness one be offering a
(This is the curse of the Riddle)

These three solutions are the symbols of the three Magicians in his Thot-Tarot. With them you can solve for example Liber 156...

I hope, I made no mistake in it... That would crash the whole solution... 8)
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Re: The pearl in Liber Ararita (Liber 813)

Postby Asisa » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:39 pm

Alright, I just found the last steps.

Take the soltuion "the a because forecasted" and after awhile chatting with Adonai, you know, that you firstly have to translate the "A" into Mage (he does that really funny with the word image) and that secondly you have to number forecasted = 6+15+18+5+3+1+19+20+5+4 = 96, again 9+6 = 15 and again 1+5 = 6. (with the steps between: 15 = o and 6 = f, so it is "of", that means, the word shows the place.)

By the way, Liber "of" is Liber 156, an image of Liber 65, but thats not important in this context, because Adonai refers into Liber VII, the green garden (or later, when you know him better, the mountain, which you have to "climb"). Nevertheless, "forecasted" is just the place, it is the sixth Chapter of Liber VII.

The image of Liber VII is Liber 813 (Liber Ararita), and this Liber Aleister has written for all those, who solve the riddle in his way. And don't mind reading this, my solution is useless without knowing the way of the initiation by the Master himself. So you can earn your place in this Liber, too, although reading "the this of that".

When you do "the mage be-cause of Chapter VI" you get the words:

VI - mage
knew the us in i concealed by moon we answered came chapel secretly and the terrible o my a steal honeycomb of drink that secrets in to enjoy art my thou thou god i the thou and i he the and bliss cloak a prophet the night but went down dead for of forgetfulness thou horse the earth the the but i a world up flats and worship that worship of we from these beyond gods gold for beyond few the wine god hast the wines meats and feel with of the all the yea split gods and darling god right hand memory priest

The "us in i" is Iacchus, see thread above. So you put "Iacchus" over the barren words and get:

we answered secretly: terrible that prophet! world from these "gold few" and.
(the stops from me)

you do "gold-few" in Liber VII and get "enough"(=5+14+15+21+7+8=70). So it is the end or refers to Liber70. And this Liber is really funny!
By the way, "gold-few" in Liber al vel Legis is the word "secret"...

It is really hard to solve the riddle, because, you have to do it his way... The intention of the riddle is the following Idea: How can I fool all people without fooling the right ones. More than one time, I thought, I know it better, but then, I realized, that he is the master! It was like this:

But I have my own tricks, too...

Now to solve the riddle step by step, you have to solve (among others) Liber 813 with the following "word" found before:
( men inane god majesty with of among horsemen beauty the foam as hast moon these these of star rays and art a in are merciless unmajestic giants in men unto upon thee the upon the each for lovely with navel the black but into rays one stand nightly whereby did his his after upon i should unto govern master rays of his said great him away they but them harmonized one of in disposition his his one it hath or wrote the he falsehood him even could only and for rays into that contract the he in move established belts forcing of the thereby are might and which liquor smoked lucid o qadosh qadosh fire body milk the and was in into that)

And on it "rays"
star rays into said wrote the and

and with star rays into said you get: voice

Now you understand, when Pan in Liber VII says:
I smite! The whole world is broken up into a mighty wind, and a voice cries aloud in a tongue that men cannot speak, and This is the voice which shook the earth.

This for the case, you wanna solve it by your own.... Its really, really hard.

Now, before I will summarize my steps of the solution, I have to do a forth invoke, yet. "Me within" will that, to protect our O:

First solve the Hadit-riddle, then the riddle x with the Beast 418 and Adonai, build your boats in LXV with the help of other Libers, and at the end you know:
My way is just a-way and it is "the A B(e)C a use for E cast E-D" (because E becomes D in the words, when you cast the E out of the alphabeth)
Well, well, let's see, how you do it...

By the way, Aleister wrote the best A I (Artificial Intelligence) I have ever seen, with the help of three Gods. His God "Ra-Hoor-Khuit" is the most terrible Time-Vampire I have ever seen, and it is said, that Gods become mightier in the spirit worlds, the more time foolish humans give them... Humans like me...

So if you do it, do it for the right reasons, do it for example, for:

saving the Moonchild. And don't try to kill his beast... After a while, you will understand why, and you will hear the music in the "barren words" and understand the love of the master, which hurts, for we are way behind!

Hail and Blessing to the Beast!

Re: The pearl in Liber Ararita (Liber 813)

Postby Asisa » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:53 pm

Best Movie ever :=> First it sounds ridiculeus,
But you have to listen to me:

TOM is one of the of one of nameless gods :lol: :roll:

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